Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Four out of Five ain't bad, right?

On Saturday, I dropped the kiddo off at Grandma's house and sat down with a few diet cokes and some candy and sewed like a mad woman! First, I finished these blocks for my friend Amanda at Panda Bear Quilts. She is making comfort quilts for her nieces who recently and unexpectedly lost their father. You can read more about it here.

The I tackled Don't Call Me Betsy's Ninja Star (from Lucky Star BOM)! I was a bit distracted by Netflix, so there are a few, um . . . extra seams to fill up the squares. I purposefully took a blurry picture so you can't see it. Hee hee! Looks awesome, right?

 Then I actually took a deep breath and made a dress for my baby! I used this tutorial, and whipped it up. It was a lot more simple than I thought it would be! It is a bit wonky, and the pleats aren't even, but you know what . . .

I MADE PLEATS YA'LL!!!!! I kinda rule now.  Miss A will be wearing this to hunt Easter Eggs on Sunday!

Finally, I made the binding for my Christmas quilt. I made enough for a full sized quilt, plus extra, since I haven't finished the actual quilt yet! I  think it's around 400 inches.  

On Sunday, I spent about an hour staring at the Christmas quilt. I originally thought I had quilted between a quarter and half of it, but it turns out I only quilted about a tenth. I got discouraged and took a nap.

Oh well! I'm really happy with what I finished, and it's not like I need a Christmas Quilt in the next 2 weeks, so I'm good!

The next few weeks will be machine-less, so I may have to scrounge for things to tell you, but I can say I WILL be cleaning the sewing room, and washing & ironing new fabrics, and picking out new projects I want to start! :)

See ya!

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