Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Finishes

*Still using phone photos. Thank goodness for Instagram!*

Woo hoo! It's FRIDAY! :)

Last night was our meeting of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild! So I can show you my Modern Mini. We could only use solids that our partner brought, and it had to be modern.

I made this one for Rebecca.

Half square triangles! :)

Angie made this for me!



It's perfect! I posted on Instagram about Miss A covering up her stuffed kitty with a towel because he was cold,

I swear, we DO have quilts in the house!

so Miss Angie made this perfect quilt for her and Kitty to keep warm! :)

We LOVE it! She's already slept with it!

I also finished my picnic quilt a while ago, and since I wasn't blogging, you didn't get to see it, so here it is!

So cheerful! And no white! I'm "growing" ;)

We spent most of the summer having picnics in the backyard, at the Dallas Arboretum, and in the living room. Miss A LOVES it!  (I think I'm growing a quilter! Hurray:)

Yes, I'm also growing someone with sass!

Quilt Stats.
Name: Picnic Quilt (I know, I'm not very original!)
Size: 68" x 68"
Design: St. Louis 16 Patch (tutorial at Sew With Sass)
Fabric: Picnic Pals by Penguin & Fish (the back is some random cheap fabric from JoAnn's)
Completed: July 7, 2013 (I swear, one of these days I'll finish in time for the correct holiday!)

See ya!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello! :)

Jumping right in because *someone* is begging to sing and dance. I'm doing this in between songs, during my breaks! (this girl NEVER stops! I'm so tired!!!) :)

I'm still working on my pixel quilt. No new pictures, sorry.

I've bought new fabric for a HUGE project due about the same time, so I'm trying to do the pixels quickly before the new fabric gets here. (My uncle is getting married, and they want a Guest Quilt instead of a Guest Book. Guess who volunteered to make the blocks! I'm crazy! But they are worth it!)

I also have been working on a Mini Quilt for the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild Mini Quilt Swap! But it's a surprise, so I can't show you much.

Solids only! Super fun!

But I can show you pictures of my embroidery. There are several ongoing projects!

I worked on Belle at the beach a few weeks ago. I made her a red-head like Miss A, and I'll probably end up putting it up in her room! She loves balloons!

This one is the most important!

This was my second attempt.

I'm so lucky, my friend Michelle of Urban Spools has asked me to teach a class in embroidery!

Little Abel

We are doing Abel the Stitch Explorer by Follow the White Bunny.

It's a great sampler, and I'm hoping people like it enough to sign up!

So if you're in the Dallas area on October 12 or 16 and want to learn to embroider, I'd love to see you there! :)

See ya!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday {Baby} Finishes

This post will be really quick as I am on my way to my SIL's baby shower. (PS still using phone photos!)

This is the quilt I made my future niece/nephew.

Hurray for Tummy Time!

Again, the gender is a surprise, so I made a neutral play quilt from the book We Love Color (the same one I used to make Steven's quilt).

Miss A "helping"!

These colors match the bird wallpaper they picked for the nursery.

Strips of Color

I used the scraps to make the banner for the shower.

Baby J!

And that's it for today! Now I'm off to the shower to see my family and eat cake! ;)

See ya!

PS: For posterity, I finished the play quilt August 17th.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick apology about the photos, my camera is broken, so you get phone photos! Hurray! ;)

I have MANY projects going (I love to start them!),

but I'll just stick to the ones that are most important right now!

I'm working on a pixelated quilt for a very special birthday at the end of October.

Section #1

It's from the book Pixel Play by Emily Cier, given to me by my awesome SIL! This book has some REALLY cool quilts in it!

The strips are super small, though, finishing at 1" tall, the smallest is 1" x 1" (and there are a TON of those!) So it took a little organization to keep them all straight.

2 of 3 poster boards filled with strips

 There are 7 sections of the quilt, each with 10 strips in it. It takes me about 2 1/2 hours to finish a section (the ironing really slows me down). But I definitely think it'll be worth it!

I'm also making a banner for my SIL's baby shower on Saturday. The baby's gender will be a surprise, so the name will be, too. So this banner will say "Baby J" when I'm finished.


Those are the things I'm working on today!

See ya!

Monday, September 16, 2013

We're just going to ignore . . .

the fact that I haven't blogged since May. I'll give no excuses . . . you ask no questions, ok? ;)  (I just don't want you to know that I'm lazy!)

I have actually finished some things, though! I'll do it all a bit at a time so as not to overwhelm you!

First, I'll show you the quilt for my dad's 60th birthday!

I've been wanting to do a triangle quilt for a while now. I used the tutorial from Fancy Tiger Crafts!

The triangles are a mixture of green, gray, and black Kona solids I had lying around (sorry, I can't remember exactly which ones) and an Architextures print by Robert Kaufman.  The back is an old gray sheet (so it's super soft)!

For the label, I used a tea-towel with a calendar on it I bought from Spoonflower. I did the same thing on S's birthday quilt! (2013 is a big year! My niece was born, my husband turned 30, my MIL and dad turn 60 and my grandmother turned 90!)

He really liked it! My measurements were a bit off, so it's kind of skinny, but so is he, so it works! ;)

I'll show you more next time!

See ya!

PS: for posterity sake, I completed this quilt on August 2!