Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick apology about the photos, my camera is broken, so you get phone photos! Hurray! ;)

I have MANY projects going (I love to start them!),

but I'll just stick to the ones that are most important right now!

I'm working on a pixelated quilt for a very special birthday at the end of October.

Section #1

It's from the book Pixel Play by Emily Cier, given to me by my awesome SIL! This book has some REALLY cool quilts in it!

The strips are super small, though, finishing at 1" tall, the smallest is 1" x 1" (and there are a TON of those!) So it took a little organization to keep them all straight.

2 of 3 poster boards filled with strips

 There are 7 sections of the quilt, each with 10 strips in it. It takes me about 2 1/2 hours to finish a section (the ironing really slows me down). But I definitely think it'll be worth it!

I'm also making a banner for my SIL's baby shower on Saturday. The baby's gender will be a surprise, so the name will be, too. So this banner will say "Baby J" when I'm finished.


Those are the things I'm working on today!

See ya!

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