Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday {Baby} Finishes

This post will be really quick as I am on my way to my SIL's baby shower. (PS still using phone photos!)

This is the quilt I made my future niece/nephew.

Hurray for Tummy Time!

Again, the gender is a surprise, so I made a neutral play quilt from the book We Love Color (the same one I used to make Steven's quilt).

Miss A "helping"!

These colors match the bird wallpaper they picked for the nursery.

Strips of Color

I used the scraps to make the banner for the shower.

Baby J!

And that's it for today! Now I'm off to the shower to see my family and eat cake! ;)

See ya!

PS: For posterity, I finished the play quilt August 17th.

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