Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pay It Forward . . .

I'm a little nervous, I am playing Pay It Forward with Beth! I've never done this before, but blog-land seems alive with it! Since I didn't know how to do this until recently, I will share it with you, too. Here's the dish:

1)I signed up for Beth's PIF. She's making something handmade to send to me. (She has a year in which to do it!)

2)To receive them from her, I need 3 people to play with me. Just leave me a comment, and I will send you something handmade (I have a year in which to do this!). Make sure when you leave a comment, I have some way to get in touch with you, either on your blog or by email.

3)The three people who sign up post about it on their blog, each get 3 responses, and send something handmade to their PIT peeps.

4)It goes on and on (don't you feel like breaking into a rendition of "This is the song that never ends"? Ha Ha. Now you have it in your head too, don't you?)

You can only play if you have a blog, and if you promise to post about this and send out 3 more presents. I'm totally reminded of those chain letters in high school, but in this one you get fun hand-made stuff, and you don't die in 72 hours or be doomed to never get married.

You're supposed to put a button on your blog for the PIF, and it's really cute . . . I just don't know how to do buttons. Seriously, I worked for like an hour last night on it, and I can't figure it out. If you can, see Beth's post about it. Maybe you can do it!

Post quickly! I'm itching to get started!

See ya!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make Me Happy Monday (on Wednesday)

I can't believe it! It's only my second week, and I've already missed a MMH Monday! Ridiculous! So here it is . . . two days late!

It's our semi-annual Hot Dog Day! My in-laws (parents and siblings) come over and we cook hot-dogs and brats over our outdoor fire pit!
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE hot-dogs. It's a tad crazy, but I can eat them anytime, anywhere, with ANY toppings!
But it's a fun day . . . hanging with the fam and eating good food. The weather was beautiful (perfect temps for a fire!) and the conversation was lively (as usual). It definitely made me happy!

See ya!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday! I missed her party this past weekend, and I miss her terribly! (For those of you that don't know, she lives a good 6 hours away . . . it's a BUMMER!) It's so funny, you think you know your parents growing up, but once you're out of the house, things CHANGE! I've learned so many things about her since I've "grown up". She loves Greek coffee, has an I-Phone, and watches Mad Men, to name a few. This is a completely different picture of her than what I had in my head in high-school, but I digress. For her birthday, we gave her a new Greek Coffee pot, because it's just hard to make it without the special pot. I also made her this:

(that's her, modeling!) Her favorite colors are green and blue, and I know she's constantly carrying things back and forth to work, and our house, etc. I thought she might need a pretty bag! (her old one was a beat-up canvas thing from the school she works at. This is MUCH prettier!) I used the Jane's Market Bag pattern from Posie. TOTALLY worth the 6 bucks! I was really worried about making it . . . I'm not very good at following patterns, and when people say "easy" but they are already experienced, I rarely find it easy! But Posie's instructions were simple (once I got up the nerve to start) and it came together rather quickly (in a little more than one craft-night session). It's a beautiful bag . . . I want to make myself one (or two, or three), but I need to finish Christmas stuff first. Anyway . . .
Happy Birthday Momma! I love you!

See ya!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Make Me Happy Monday

I've decided that I'm going to try and think about something happy on Mondays because, well, they're Mondays! I guess I should share with you as, well, you have Mondays too! So today, what makes me happy is my yard. Specifically . . .

These Lantanas. They are gorgeous! So bright and happy! They are covering this little flower bed up front that gets ALL the sun. Nothing has survived there until we planted these. I love them! Also, here are our first changed leaves! There are a lot of dead ones on the ground, but these actually turned yellow before brown! (the picture doesn't really do it justice. They really are yellow. I promise) Hurray for autumn!!!

See ya!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

REALLY late B-day!

So, I'm still working on Christmas stuff, and I still can't tell you about it, but I have a few things to show you. First of all, my Dad's birthday was in August, and I made him these pillows.

I made them for his office/man cave; he's really into history, so I thought that Buffalo Bill pillows would be perfect. But my mom ended up liking them too, so now they're on the couch in the living room. I guess you can never tell what people are going to like! I'm pretty excited!

Happy Late B-day Daddy :) Love you!

See ya!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes, I've been a bad, bad girl. I haven't blogged in over a month! I've neglected my correspondence with my far-away friends (sorry Mary and Red). But worst of all, I've been a bad sister! I was supposed to get my block in the mail by the end of September, but it is just now going in. I'm SO SORRY DOREY! Hopefully by Monday it will be winging it's way to you with a couple of apology gifts. Here it is. The fabrics are so pretty!

It has been a crazy month, but instead of trying to catch you up on everything, I'll just go over a few highlights. I really enjoyed the Dallas Quilt Guild in September, and promptly joined, then missed the October meeting. The September speaker was amazing! If you ever have a chance to see David Taylor, don't miss it! I have pics, but I'll have to do those later. I also missed the Garland Quilt Guild October meeting and the Project Linus September meeting. My family came down for the State Fair . . . wow, the quilts were amazing! We also got to see the butterfly house, which I had never seen before!

I'm still working on Christmas presents, but I'm behind my self-imposed schedule. I'm also behind at work, but you don't want to hear about that . . . heck, I don't want to talk about that! So all in all, I'm behind. Here's hoping I find the energy to keep up with myself! Thankfully, tonight is craft night! Dang, that means I need to clean the house . . . excuse me while I go scrub the toilets!

See ya!