Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life . . . Part 2

So, I told you a while ago that life was getting in the way, and blogging was the easiest thing to take out . . . but I didn't tell you what life was causing all the havoc.

I'm pregnant!

I'm sure most of you know by now from Facebook, but I figured Google deserved an explanation, too! I don't really have any good pictures to show you, the sonograms so far are kind of blobby, and I haven't figured out how to scan them in well yet. But I'm sure I'll get one up here soon!

For those who want to know, I'm 15 weeks along, and due February 7 (that's the day after the Super Bowl, for those of you counting down!).

The crafting has been basically nil since I've been so tired and not really feeling well, but that all seems to be getting better, and I should be back crafting in no time! But probably crafting tiny things for a while ;)

Anyway, thanks for listening . . . I'll keep you updated!

See ya!