Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday {Old} Finishes!

It's been a while since my last post . . . I think that last one is hard for me to look at, so I've been avoiding my blogger page.

Things have also been busy lately . . . with the warmer temperatures, I've been getting the kid out more. We've gone to . . .

the Dallas Zoo

and now we have gymnastics every week.

The only problem is that by the time nap/sewing time comes around, I'm pretty pooped too! So my sewing and blogging time is down a bit, but I'll try to be better for y'all.

But I have been working on things!

Mother's Day was last weekend, so I made my mom an Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote.

(I'll dedicate a whole post to this one; it was hard but definitely worth it!)

We (S & A & myself) made my MIL some yard art.

S & A built and painted the frames, and I made the stencils.

She worked HARD!

Both moms loved their haul!

The day before Mother's Day was S's 30th birthday. Among other things, I decided that 30 deserves a quilt!

I haven't gotten any great photos of it, and I'm still working on the "perfect" label, but I'll get on it and show y'all as soon as I can!

I've also been working on a St. Louis 16 Patch for a picnic quilt. (The fabric is Picnic Pals by Penguin & Fish. Just too perfect, isn't it?)

I ADORE this fabric! Remember when I did some embroidery for Alyssa at Penguin and Fish? She sent me a fat quarter bundle as a thank you, and I can't wait to finish this up!

Just look at this chipmunk and turtle. Too cute, right?!?!

Tomorrow I'll be at Saturday Sew for our Dallas Modern Quilt Guild, and I hope to finish the blocks (and maybe piece the top!).

Next week I'll be taking Miss A to see my parents in Lubbock. We'll be flying, and I've decided I need a new bag to take with me . . . so we'll see if I get it done in time!

See ya!


  1. That's a very nice bag you made for your mother. How do you make the yard art? Is it painting on window screens? I also live in the Dallas area.

    1. Thanks! The yard art is window screening that he bought at Lowes. Then we spray painted it. He doubled up the screen and stapled it to a small frame he put together. Really simple and cute!