Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home again, home again,

Jiggity Jig!
We had a BLAST on vacation. We went to Beaver's Bend State Park in Broken Bow, OK with my parents and my brother and his wife. The park is gorgeous and the small town is so cute! I didn't catch any fish, but S caught 4, and I think that's awesome! Here he is with his last one!
Sweet little rainbow trout!
I'll post pics of the family later this week, my mom and SIL got the best ones, so I'll show you those when I get them. For now, I'll show you the view from our bedroom. Each bedroom in the cabin had it's own personal balcony, and ours looked out into beautiful woods. It rained Sunday and Monday, but only after we had gotten in for the evening, so that was OK . . . in fact, it made for a really lovely evening cuddling on the couch!
We went on a FABULOUS canoe trip (OK, so I didn't like this one as much as last year, but it was fun.) The company that took us has several trips, a 10 mile (all day), a 6 mile (half day), and a 4 mile (3 hours). Last year we did the leisurely 6 mile, with mostly calm waters and little paddling or maneuvering. THIS year we did the 4 mile with rapids and a small waterfall. It was quite stressful for an inexperienced paddler (ME)! Poor S had to calm me down, maneuver, get out and push, maneuver some more, push again, and make small talk with in-laws. He is SUCH a sport! So with all the fast movement, getting stuck, flipping the canoe over, and stress, I didn't get many pics. But I did snap a pic of the van that picked us up. The company is GREAT! We love them so much, we vow to use them every year!
Finally, S and I stopped in a little antique shop in Broken Bow on our way out of town, and I bought a quilt. I want SO BADLY to start an antique quilt collection! Have I told you this? I have 5 generations of family quilts, 2 of which need repairs and restoration. Well, I have vowed that anytime I see an old quilt for a good price, I'm going to pick it up. I saw an old quilt for$35 in the shop and SNAPPED IT UP, without checking it out first.
Now, I knew I should look at it. I looked at the other 3 in the ship, but for $200 a pop, I couldn't afford them (but they were gorgeous). This quilt is UGLY! (In case you couldn't tell). I really don't like it! It's a Double T, a temperance pattern from the 20s, but I'm PRETTY sure it's from the 80's as there are some hot pink and navy blue patterns mixed in (bottom left corner sashing). But the way I look at it, I have an ugly, not so antique, quilt that is worn down. I can use it to practice repairs and restoration on until I'm good enough to mess with the valuable quilts. So anyway, wish me luck!

I'll be back with more pics and some crafty stuff soon, I promise!
See ya!

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