Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July! (kind of)

I wrote this last week, just waiting for pics, hence the name.

So . . . ya'll know I'm a planner, right?

OK, OK, I know. I'm a liar. Let's try this again.

Ya'll know I WANT to be a planner, right? I LOVE to make lists and piles. I even have lists of the lists I need to make! Do they ever get completed? No. Not ever.

I'm also pretty good at biting off more than I can chew. I have these grand ideas of the way things should be, but they never quite stack up. This is especially true at Christmas. Well, this year is going to be different!! (Hey, no snickering. It really is!) I have decided on a "Hand-made Christmas"! Everyone will have something hand-made. I wanted EVERYTHING to be hand-made, but I'm at least a little realistic! So, to ensure my vision of the PERFECT Christmas, I am starting now. Actually, I started a few weeks ago, but haven't made much head-way. My list is growing, my crafty supplies are growing, and my mental state is deteriorating! J/K (for now!). So I may not be able to show you much of what I am making, since I'm not really sure who reads my blog and who doesn't. I don't much like surprises, but I at least like others to be surprised.

But I need your help! I stink at thinking up presents, especially for boys! Guys are hard to shop for, much less MAKE for! So, I have a few ideas, but I am DEFINITELY open for more! I have a father, a father-in-law, a brother, a brother-in-law, a grandfather and THE HUBBY! Just a little reference, the grandfather got a scarf last year, and the hubby is getting one before Thanksgiving (I hope!!!). Ideas? Thoughts? Prescriptions to make the Christmas voices go away?

Any-who. Here is something I can show you.

It's my HAPPY QUILT! So named by S. My color choices tend to be a little darker, a little drabber, so I decided that I needed something brighter! I was totally inspired by Posie. All her stuff (house, bed, pillows, ect) are so cheerful! So I got together all my brightest, happiest fabrics. There are NONE LEFT! My favorite part of the quilt is the back. (It's also a block or two on the front.)

It's a REAL LIVE vintage sheet! It's been my sheet for a long time. It's the first one I remember, and my favorite because it's been used so much and so often that it's worn down to the perfect softness level. I don't use it any more, as I've lost the fitted sheet and the pillow cases, but the flat sheet I still have. After showing my mom, she laughed and told me it was older than I thought. She got it for her wedding in 1976! Woo hoo! My first vintage sheet! Anyway, it's really soft, and perfect for me to snuggle up on the couch with. I'm totally in love. So the points aren't "pointy" and the binding is a little wonky, it's ALL MINE! (Mua-ha-ha)!

See ya!


  1. I LOVE your happy quilt! And check out those sexy feet with those gorgeous sandles! :-)

  2. Hi Bee Sister!
    Gift suggestions for men, hmmmmm.
    I've made bookmarks which were well received. How about a luggage tag for a frequent traveler? Or maybe something to put the t.v. remote in? Knit a hat?
    Ummm, that's it. I got nothing else.

  3. You are so funny! So, guy sewing? Some thins on my to-try list are a lap top case, an iPod case, and even scarier....pajama pants! Had a great time tonight! Look forward to shop hopping so we can TALK more! ;)

  4. PJ pants are a great idea! Luggage tags would be good for your brother-in-law too -- I happen to know he travels quite a bit. :)