Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Honestly, I have a TON of Works-In-Progress (WIPs). I counted last year sometime and had about 30. That number has only increased! The problem is, I love starting quilts, but don't have enough attention span to work through them when I get stuck. My favorite part of the process is cutting the fabric! (And yes, I will cut your fabric if you piece mine! I get asked that ALL THE TIME! ;)

But I will show you the WIPs I'm focusing on this week!

First of all, I became an Aunt for the first time last week! My sweet niece was born on Wednesday, February 6. We didn't know she was a girl until she was born, but as soon as I found out, I ordered Anna Maria Horner's Receiving Blanket! My SIL  made Miss A one when she was born, and it was the BEST BLANKET EVER!

Anna Maria Horner puts together the absolute softest flannel and sweetest voile! I wanted to pick my own fabrics, but I'm not good at matching colors, so I ordered her kit. I'm so glad I did! The Raspberry kit has the most beautiful colors!

I received the fabric yesterday, and put it together last night.

All I have left is to finish the binding so I can give it to her next time I see her!

I'm also working on a real quilt for The Niece from Material Obsessions called The Zoo. Her nursery is done in wild animals, so this works for her!

As you can see, I have a bit more to go!

Finally, I decided to make myself quilt labels. I ordered some amazing ones from an Etsy Shop called MommieMadeIt last year, and LOVED THEM! The only problem was I had to buy a TON (like 60) and we all know how bad I am at finishing things. I think I only used 5 or 6, and they had the year stamped on them, so it didn't really work out. This year I'm making my own.

I simply made 4 columns in a word document, wrote my name and year, and inserted a clip art picture. I'm planning on cutting the columns out and hemming the sides. Then I'll just cut them out as needed and sew them into the binding.

I hope they work out!

See ya soon!


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