Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Hearts

I have a confession to make . . . I'm secretly one of those girls who loves a glittery, sappy, goopy, pink-drenched Valentines' Day! I never indulged in this, however, because I was too embarrassed. I know, silly! But I have never been the most confident of people. For some reason, though, since Miss A was born, I am a bit more comfortable in my skin. Since I'm pretty sure the hubby didn't want pink hearts for V-day, I'm very happy I have a 2 year old girly-girl who loves pink hearts! (Her exact words were "Baby wuv pin hurt".)

Since Miss A's birthday was less than a week ago, we decided to include Birthday Thank-you's with our Valentines.

When I cut out the hearts, somebody decided they were hers, so I had to cut out more! Then Miss A added her own touch to the inside!

 Next I decided to make her a pillow from this Tutorial from V and Co! (I love her stuff! She has the prettiest heart quilt I really want to try! Maybe someday, huh?)  It's really well written, but my first pillow didn't turn out well.

I'm pretty sure it's because I used Essex Linen as the pillow. It didn't work as well as muslin. I think it was too stiff. Also, ruffles are hard!

The second try turned out much better!

 At least you can tell it's a heart! Like I said, the tutorial was really great. The only thing I changed though, was making the ruffle. She said to use a running stitch, but when I tried that, it didn't work very well. A straight stitch worked better for me, but I still didn't make the ruffle very well. It takes a certain touch I just don't have!

Next, I decided to take the pre-cut hearts somebody stole and stuff them for her. (I think they are her favorite part, she takes them everywhere!)

Add a Fancy Nancy book, and you have the perfect Valentine's Day present for a 2-year-old! (Sorry about the pictures. I finished them up pretty late Wednesday night, so the light wasn't so great! I really want one of the OttLites that Don't Call Me Betsy was talking about!)

The hearts for Miss A and on the cards are Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda (I got mine from my LQS Quilt Asylum a while ago). The first pillow is Hoot for Moda and I have no idea what the second pillow is. It's from my stash!

I have Saturday to myself (I love my MIL), so I plan on making forward progress on some of those WIPs from Wednesday!

See ya!

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