Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Finishes!

So, I'm still grouchy and a little sick. The problem is I spread the cold to the husband and Miss A. Then Miss A got creative and turned a little cold into a double ear infection! So this week has mostly consisted of cuddling on the couch and watching princess movies.

I have also been jealously following all my friends (and a bunch of people I wish were my friends) at QuiltCon on Instagram. The grouchiness has increased greatly.

But I channeled that crabbiness into a little productivity.

From the couch I finished up the AMH receiving blanket for The Niece.

I can't tell you how rich and beautiful these colors are! The pictures don't do it justice. I really want to keep this for myself!

Since it's supposed to be soft and sweet, I went old school on the labeling. No tags or iron-on labels, just embroidered initials.

I learned this from  my amazing grandmother. Here is one of the many quilts she made me and her embroidered initials.

Speaking of my phenomenal grandmother, she turns 90 on March 16th. (This is also National Quilting Day! An awesome coincidence!). We are having a big party and, even though she said no gifts, we are giving her a quilt. She has spent the past 40-some-odd years making quilts for everyone, so we decided to make her one! I am getting blocks from my cousins and aunts and uncles and putting them into a top with fabric pictures of her and blocks of Sweetwater Mama Said Sew fabric. It's dictionary definitions of sewing words. (I ♥ Sweetwater fabric!)

In the middle of the top will be this:

(I embroidered this dedication block instead of using a label.)

The heart is an iron on by Stitcher's Revolution (I got it at JoAnns).

I just printed out a pretty font for the words and traced them on.

That silver thread looks awesome, but it was a pain in my you-know-what! (I'm not saying here as my mamma might read it and get mad. She's whipped me before for saying certain words and she might whip me again!) I'm pretty excited about the quilt, though. I hope it looks as good put together as it does in my head!

See ya!

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