Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Skirt

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Christmas Wrap-Up (only one left to go) to bring you a special mushy post!

For about a week or so, I have had an urge to make a skirt. This is funny, as my past two attempts at apparel making have, well, not gone so well.

The first one was in my home-ec class in high-school. I made a wrap skirt. Just a big hemmed piece of material with a snap and a tie; easy, right? Wrong. I didn't put the snap on right and had to wear it with a safety pin.

For my brother's wedding, I decided to make a simple dress. It was frustrating, but when I was done, it actually looked like a dress . . . until I put it on. Let's just say, the girls would not be caged, and leave it to the imagination. (Don't worry, I wore something else to the wedding).

But I have been wanting a skirt for a week or two, so when City Craft had a Snow-Day sale, and I found this book, I got excited. I bought 3 yards of Amy Butler's Love fabric, and last night, I whipped this up.

My Valentine's Day Skirt!

It's the Modern Circle skirt, and it was pretty simple. The book has some really cute stuff, and some really weird stuff, but it's a basic intro into apparel making, and is really helpful with terminology and growing your confidence. I give it a solid A.

I've worn it all day, even though there is snow on the ground and the wind is whipping it all over (I think I might have mooned some people) but it was very happy looking and brightened an already great day! We went to a lovely breakfast at Panera and then to see Valentine's Day, which I loved, despite all reviews. Now we're hanging out and I will be making a big fancy-smancy dinner. It'll be LOVELY!

And yes, I know I need a tan, and no, I will not be getting one. Because, as my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Odom, once said . . . Glaringly White is Beautiful!

Happy V-Day!


  1. The skirt is very cute! Your blog is always great, but the picture of Daddy...

  2. That's my favorite print of that fabric line. We need bigger pictures!!!

  3. Cute skirt! And I love your blue bathroom. We also live in a 1950s house and our hall bathroom is mint green. Too cute!