Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Right now, everything is a WIP! Ernst is still at the spa, so I'm getting random stuff done.

There's been washing . . .

 And ironing . . .

and cutting! (My favorite part! :)

I've also done some organizing, and I have a LOT of WIPs and Wish-Lists!

My main focus this  month will be Mother's Day gifts for my mom and MIL, and a 30th birthday quilt for my hubby!

(This is a screen shot of the quilt from the Pink Chalk Fabric website.)

I'm doing this Modern Cross for him from Pink Chalk Designs (out of the book We Love Color). It's an amazing book! So pretty and inspiring!

Hoping to get that fabric washed, ironed & cut this weekend!

Hope you're getting stuff done this week, too!

See ya!

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