Monday, May 14, 2012



I know, I know . . . I COMPLETELY bailed on my promise to blog more.  My only excuse is that we recently had a family situation that pretty much knocked me off balance. Once I got back on balance, I still didn't do much sewing, so I had nothing to blog.

But I plan on rectifying that RIGHT NOW!

*warning: this will be a photo heavy post! ;)

"Somebody" had their first birthday . . . AND their first cupcake!

We tried desperately to get a standard Texas photo: baby in the bluebonnets.  Did not work.

Miss A met cows for the first time! I think I have a farm girl in the making!

My amazing Grandmother turned 89. It was a good party!

I had an AMAZING birthday! (Found this beauty in an estate sale, and bought it for $100.)

 My amazing SIL and BIL brought me back birthday presents from Australia. They are 2 templates and a mini-quilt kit from Material Obsessions! Kathy Doughty actually picked out the templates for me herself! :) I'm too cool for school now! ;)

What little sewing I have been doing has been for the DMQG Round Robin. This is a quick "in progress" picture of my center block. We will be revealing our final quilt tops in July, so I'll have a post about all the borders I've been doing then.  Once this is complete, I will be able to FINALLY cross one thing off my 2012 to-do list . . . a Christmas Quilt for the guest bedroom! :) Hurray!

This weekend I was able to get 2 quilt tops done. The top one in this picture is one on the list, a big-girl quilt for Ali. The bottom one is a surprise, so I'll post more once it's been delivered.

See, there has been some minor progress, but it's forward motion. I'm pretty happy with it, but now I need to keep up momentum. I'm off to make some backs and baste these quilts!

See ya!


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