Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Finish!

I have my first finish of the year! :)

Problem is, it's not on my WIP list! Oops. But at least I have momentum!!!

Here it is.

My awesome SIL gave me 2 iPhone cases for Christmas, both cross-stitch! We found them on Pinterest . . . here is the link from it.
I decided to use the pink one to make my own design. I wanted to showcase my love of quilting, so I put a wonky star on it . . . then wrote out Wonky Star, mostly because I like to say "wonky"!

I wanted to white one to show my quirkier side . . . if you don't know what this is, you may want to skip to the end. If you do . . . it's DOCTOR WHO! I ADORE this show! :) I got the cross-stitch pattern from an amazing shop on Etsy, the CraftyCompanion! This woman is wonderful! :)

Well, it's a finish at least! Stay tuned for more!


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