Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mental Progress

I've been making a LOT of that!

Hee hee!

Things have been topsy turvy here with plumbing problems, bathroom remodels, and a 15 month old, so not much has actually gotten done, but I have a good plan!

What you see before you is  my to-do list!

I have 4 quilts basted and ready to be quilted, 2 borders to work on for the DMQG Round Robin, 2 tops with blocks done that need to be pieced together, and a receiving blanket that needs binding put on.

I leave for vacation in 10 days, and I'm hoping to put a pretty good dent in that list. If I get the quilts quilted and half bound, I can take them with me to finish the hand-binding part of them sitting by the river drinking wine! :)

The DMQG borders have to be done by June 14, and I've already screwed the rotation up once, so I HAVE to get it right this time! Again, I have good plans . . . but no action!

I'm working hard, but someone doesn't like my theme music!

So cross your fingers for me!

I'll let you know before vacation how I'm doing! :)

See ya!

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