Monday, April 18, 2011

A's Quilts

So . . . I'm still working on showing you my own finishes, so I'll show you some of the lovely quilts that have been given to little A.

As many of you know, I learned to quilt from my grandmother, and I love to quilt because I love quilts (so, not the process, but the finished product!). To me, they mean home and comfort . . . and I hope A feels the same way. Since I do make quilts, I understand all the love and hard work that goes into making them, and I truly love and appreciate ALL the handmade gifts given to A. We received 3 handmade quilts, 4 crocheted/knitted blankets, and 2 sewn receiving blankets (along with a TON of fuzzy blankets from stores). Since this is primarily a quilt blog, I'll show you those, but we love and use ALL of them. Little A will NEVER be cold!!! :)

This one is the most special to me . . . it was made by my grandmother.
I'm tearing up right now writing this . . . but it means the world to me that A has her own quilt from NannyPud. It will always be loved and used!

This sweet one was made by the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild officers for her! It has Beatrix Potter prints, which we love! (We have all the baby books and have been telling A all about Peter Rabbit!)

This bright, happy one was made by a sweet lady at our church. I was shocked during the shower they threw me to open up this amazing quilt.

Again, it means SO MUCH to us that people love her enough to spend so much time and love before they met her. I hope as she grows up, she will remember and appreciate all the amazing people who love her, like we do.

See ya!

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