Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Fever . . .

has turned into Spring Cleaning. Not a lot of sewing, but a lot of BLAH! So, unless you want me to show you all the dirty little corners of my house (and believe me . . . I'd love nothing more than to show you), you'll have to be content with some older things and some rambling.

First of all, I should catch you up on my bee. I've let you know about everything up to December, which was my month, but I have not told you about anything else.

This was the block I made in January for Cassie.

She asked for all pinwheels, but we could use any one we wanted. I LOVED the fabrics she picked. It made me think of the French Riviera. Have I ever been there? No. Do I know much about it? No. But the cool spring colors just made me feel the sea breeze in my face and a cool drink in my hand. LOVED IT! I can't wait to see the whole thing put together! I was so proud, I actually finished this one on time and packaged it up to mail out . . . and then it got lost in the clutter of my sewing room . . . so one more package was late. Sorry Cassie!

I haven't finished Meagan's block for February or Beth's block for March . . . and I'm sure I will receive April's fabric any day now. So what little sewing time I have left this week, I will be working diligently on these. I PROMISE, I'm turning over a new leaf RIGHT NOW!

That's it for now! If you don't hear from me soon, send search parties in the direction of the fabric pile in Richardson!

See ya!

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