Sunday, March 14, 2010

1 Year!

Today is my 26th birthday and my 1 year blog-a-versary! Hurray! In case you're keeping count, this is my 49th post, I have 4 followers, but 6 readers (according to the comments on my last post)! Not too shabby, huh?

I had a great birthday! My family (including the grandmother that taught me to quilt) all came down to go to the quilt show in Dallas this weekend. We had a GREAT time! Today, S's family came over, and we had a great big party! I don't have much to say about the weekend as I'm laying here on the couch, content and sleepy, and just wanting to stare out the window at the beautiful day outside!

Me, my SIL, my Mom and my Grandma at Market Center for the quilt show!

I have decided on a Birthday Resolution! (I figure, I'm so bad at New Year's Resolutions, I should make them on my birthday, as it is a new year to me!!!) I am overwhelmed at the number of UFO's in my possession! It's insane! I keep cleaning up the guest bedroom and finding all these half-finished projects I forgot about! So I'm going to work on them this year. I'm not saying I will finish them all, and I'm not saying I won't buy anything more, because we all know that it's impossible for me! But I am going to make a dent. Y'all are going to have to help me, though. I'm going to put a list up on the side-bar here, and list everything I'm supposed to be doing. It may take me a while to list everything, because it will take me a while to find it all, but once it's all up, I'll keep you informed on which ones I'm working on and how it's going. It should be everything I have bought or committed to before today (since I bought a ton of stuff yesterday at the show). If I decide to quit something, I'm going to explain it to you. If I buy something new, I'll have to justify it to you. You will have to keep me honest . . . will you help me?

As an advanced "thank you", I'll have a little give-away. Just leave me a little comment before Tuesday at Midnight telling me what you think about it, and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday!

See ya!


  1. I think that's a great idea! In fact, I'm going to join you so we can keep each other accountable :) Happy Birthday!

  2. I read your blog too =) Happy birthday!

  3. Ellen-last week I also made a list of my UFO's lol. I share it with you for laughs and I will try to keep working on mine and post encouragement for you on yours. I have mine printed out for inspiration and fully believe that making that list is the first step.

    1. Signature quilt: Needs border and quilting (lol must finish before I’ve forgotten the words to the Aggie War Hymn). Hoping it may still be a surprise.
    2. Aggie quilt: Lots of sewing completed, working on it 3/20/2010
    3. Wall hanging quilt: Quilting in process…though what was I thinking with the micro meandering…I'm going blind...le sigh.
    4. Yellow brick road: Yellow/red/blue quilt-cutting started and then paused while I tackle #1/2
    5. Wonky 9 patch: No cutting done, massive fortune spent on … “ooh fabric” … plan to work on 3/20/2010.
    6. Quilt show quilt: No cutting done at all but all the materials are there.

    Cross Stitch
    1. Mirabillia Rose of Sharon: Oh loads and loads done. I’ve been stuck here a while because I need to take out stitches from 2 mistakes and I’m lazy.
    2. Letters from Nora by Nora Corbett-Letter F: Only beads left and I’ve done a bunch of them! (excited squeal)
    3. Poppy-Nora Corbett: All the materials but haven’t even started it until the above 2 are finished
    4. Tiger Lily- Nora Corbett: Again, all the mats…no touching!
    5. Summer Queen-Mirabillia: Repeat # 3-5

    Love ya,