Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch Up

Christmas is in FULL SWING!

I made the first batch of Pumpkin Bread for a Christmas Party tomorrow, we've decorated the house (all except the tree) and I made a new coffee cake.
See . . . pretty, right?
To catch you up on all things non-Christmas present related . . . I'll tell you about the Bee.

I am SO LATE for Michelle . . . she was October. I blame cowardice. She scared me! She asked us to come up with our own thing, as long as it was squares in squares. I was SO SCARED! I don't do my own thing! It's very hard! So here are the ones I came up with.
I hope they work!

I'm also late for Missy, but not nearly as bad, since she was November. She asked for a wonky star!
Really proud of my first Wonky-ness!!

These will be in their packets that I'm sending out (hopefully tomorrow) with my quilt instructions.

Woo Hoo!!
See ya!

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