Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Birthday for Christmas!

Or should that be a Christmas for your birthday? Anyway . . . My Mother-In-Laws birthday was on October 30, and I made her what she asked for . . . a Christmas table-runner.

She's kind of a Christmas Nut . . . but that's OK because so am I. And so is S, and his brother, and so on and so on. We LOVE Christmas around here!

The runner was really simple, I used 2 charm packs of Frosted Memories by Moda. It was already kitted up for me, but I can't remember where I bought it. It was a booth at the Plano Quilt Show, but I'm not sure of the quilt shop's name. Sorry! I have found, however, that things come together REALLY easily if they are already cut! (I HATE cutting!) I put it together during craft night one night, and it came together beautifully (AKA most of my points matched! Whoop!).
I feel kind of bad, because it wasn't a surprise, but I know she likes it because it is what she wanted, so that's good, right?

Changing channels, I found this NEW Material Shop this week! City Craft is GREAT! I have been feeling guilty lately about not really supporting my local quilt shops, because I definitely think keeping these guys around is important, but I agree with Abby in her post about this. We love local quilt shops, but we can never seem to find what we are looking for, the new, modern fabrics. I spend TONS of time (more than I should, I admit) lurking on blogs like Oh Fransson and Handmade by Alissa and Crazy Mom Quilts. They inspire me SO MUCH, but I can never find the same fabrics they use. So I order them off of the Internet, and they arrive, but it's never quite what I thought it would be. It helps to see and touch fabric (part of the joy of fabric shopping, but we'll get into that later). By the time I'm ready to start my quilt, I'm guilty about not buying the fabric locally and disappointed in the actual fabric. Not a good start! But City Craft changes that! They are small, but what they have is AWESOME! They have all the modern, hip designers and the bright colors. I've already bought some, but I'll show that off later. If you're in the Dallas area, you HAVE to go see them! They're great!

Enough rambling. :)

See ya!

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