Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slow Demise into Insanity!

So . . . It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been dealing with sensory overload here, so the blog kind of fell by the wayside. Let's see . . . my last blog was Aug 14 . . . but I didn't tell you much about August. Let's take this one thing at a time!

I told you about the guild meeting last month, so that's done. (Imagine me checking that off the list).

I told you about my new obsession with embroidery (check).

I went to the Plano Quilt Show, and it was AMAZING! That' s part of my sensory overload . . . I was there from 10-ish to 3-ish. Ridiculously amazing. I took pics, but it's too far gone. Maybe I'll get back to them someday. (check).

Beth and I also went to a Project Linus Meeting put on by Jennifer and Abby. I'm hooked . . . It is an awesome charity and it was so much fun to meet everyone and work together! You should really check it out. I have a couple blocks done for a group quilt we're working on and I have a kit I need to work on, too. I'll show you those pics soon. (check).

I got Dorey's material for my bee . . . I'll show you the block once I finish it. (check)

I finished my Dad's birthday presents, but he won't see them until this weekend, so you won't either. But I promise it will be here soon! (check)

Tuesday night was the Garland Quilt Guild Meeting. Beth couldn't come, but Abby came and joined! Yay! Now I have a new-member buddy. We sat with Cheryl, Marie, and Sharon (again). What a hoot! Those girls crack me up! The speaker was Betsy C. and she spoke about wool. The projects she brought were AMAZING. I caved and bought her book and a yard of lovely wool. Now . . . what to do with all that? I'm sure I'll think of something! (check)

The Wacky Garland Girls (see above) invited me to the Dallas Quilt Guild Meeting this evening . . . and I'm pretty pumped. We're meeting for dinner before hand, and I can't wait to learn all about the guild. It's supposed to be awesome! (check).

Finally, I have gone crazy. I realized what kind of work making everyone Christmas presents would entail . . . and I've decided to do it anyway. I now have a "Christmas Binder" that is with me EVERYWHERE, with a 4 month schedule and multiple lists. Lets keep our finger's crossed and the straight-jacket ready, OK? (check).

OK. I think we're all caught up. If I've left anything out, try Abby or Beth's blogs . . . they do most of the exciting stuff with me. I'll also try to keep you updated on the progress of my slow demise into insanity so we won't have to resort to another mass blog (with no pictures nonetheless. Scandalous!)

See ya!

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