Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My humble opinion . . .

A few weeks ago I bought myself this book.

It is a BEAUTIFUL book . . . it's now on my coffee table! The pictures are wonderful and the stories are great.  It's a difficult book to understand, though.  Maybe I'm not quite to the level that they are writing to, but the book seems very wordy (yes, yes, I know. books have words).  It just gets a little confusing sometimes. I made a quick block from one of the prettiest quilts in it.

It's just a test block, so I used ugly fabric . . . don't go thinking that this is going to be a whole quilt.  I had to quit reading the text after a while, I got so frazzled.  So I looked at the diagrams and figured it out on my own (not that hard, it's an Ohio Star, and those are everywhere now). So maybe I won't be making the quilts in the book, but it's gorgeous just the same. I'm proud to have it on my table!

See ya!

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