Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home . . .

Most of you have never seen our home, so I thought I would show you it.

S has worked very hard on the yard, and it looks amazing! I'm so proud of him! We have 2 big oak trees and 2 big walnut trees.  We're pretty lucky to have such a cute home with such a great yard.

So, I am working on a quilt . . . but I'm so dad-gum close to finishing that I don't really want to show you until it's done . . . hopefully by the end of the week.  I'm working hard to get it done for Spring to Finish! So here's a sneak peak!

Finally . . . do you remember this chick?(Yes, I'm thinking of the one played by Uma Thurman, but I can't find a good picture. However, great movie!!!) I am her, just without the hotness or the craziness.  Yep, just the poison part.  It's been about a week and is finally going away, but I'm pretty much miserable.  Pity me. :(

I now leave you with a picture of Ralphie helping me with a layout for work . . . she is a GREAT helper!

See ya!

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