Saturday, November 7, 2015

November, How I Love Thee . . .

This time of year is always crazy.
Crazy but fun! I love fall!
As usual, I'll spend this month trying to make ALL my Christmas decorations . . . And next month I'll spend my time trying it make ALL my Christmas presents . . . And I rarely get anything done, much less everything! Add to all that, this year I have an (almost) one year old who requires almost constant supervision (I mean, come on! Don't you know not to eat cat litter yet?), a 4-year-old who has activities and friends (really? Gymnastics every week? And playing with other children? Can't you be anti-social like your mamma and just stay in your room to read?), and a new part time job (yes, from home. But still! You can't wash dishes and placate angry tenants at the same time); and suddenly my sewing time is almost nonexistent.
My parents live in Leland, MS. Home of Jim Henson. :)
But this year, I'm going to do it! See if I don't! I have a plan, and a kiddo who expects (and is excited for) a Christmas quilt for her big girl bed. I hate to disappoint her!

But isn't that the definition if insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results?

Oh well, crazy is a fun place to be!

To prove I'm not all talk, I present to you my Momma's birthday quilt.

Its Peaches and Cream by Natalia Bonner from her book Cabin Fever . AWESOME book!!!
Her birthday was October 20th. We went to her home for a "party" on October 24th. I finally mailed it to her on November 4th. Only 2 weeks late! That's a marked improvement! I'm usually at least a month (if not a year) late!!!

So, do you want to know my plan for the 2015 holiday season?

I propose that 4 days a week (more than half . . . Impressive!) I will spend at least 1 hour working on sewing projects (this can be cutting, planning, or layout in addition to sewing). I know it's not much, and I'm hoping at least one day (Saturday or Sunday) I'll have more time, but a goal is meant to be surpassed, right?

I then hope to update y'all at least once a week. What's a plan without accountability?

Hopefully I'll get a few projects done this year . . . And then I'll have great momentum for 2016!

And yes, i am thinking about my 2016 Quilting New Years Resolution. Aren't you? What's the fun of being a crafter if you're not thinking months ahead of the next holiday? ;)

It's good to run things by y'all again. I missed you! :)

See ya!

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