Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Is Going To Be LEGEND . . . wait for it . . .

and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of the word is DAIRY! LEGENDARY!

Yes, I am quoting Barney Stinson. :)

Suit Up!

I'm super pumped for 2014! Lots of awesome things are happening!

Miss A is turning 3, and that means some sort of "school" for her . . . and more naps for me;)

Matching block necklaces!

BOTH of my nieces are turning 1, which is an AMAZING thing to say . . . BOTH and NIECES. I am an AWESOME aunt!

Santa Kisses!

Also, I will turn 30! Hurray! I've hit some sort of milestone! And I plan on CELEBRATING! You know, by quilting and knitting and stuff. (I'm a party animal!)

I started a Sky Scarf today! It's a scarf pattern by the amazing people at Leaf Cutter designs. Every day for the entire year I will knit one stripe. Each stripe will show the weather for that day. On December 31, 2014 I will have a VERY long scarf that shows me the weather for my 30th birth-year. Pretty cool, huh?

Blue skies!

I am also in a Simply Solids bee with the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. Super Pumped about that! Something different every month!

I am doing another year of Don't Call Me Betsy's Lucky Star BOM. (and I am still 9 months behind on 2013). Maybe I'll do a different color pallet for 2014 and make one big quilt out of the 2 years!

I think this was March of last year . . . I'm about 9 month behind on 2013

Finally, as I am RUBBISH with New Year's Resolutions, I have made a commitment instead, to LEARN. I want to learn to crochet (I bought a book), I want to re-learn the piano (bought another book), and for PETE'S SAKE I want to learn to quilt using something other than stippling!!! (I need a book on that one!)

Maybe along the way I'll learn organization and eating healthy and all the things you're supposed to resolve, but I feel right now that this year is going to be FUN! SO THERE! :P

Happy New Year Ya'll!
See ya!

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